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Red Canyon
“Small rectangular structures connected to one another like blocks pushed against the canyon wall. Amidst these blocks stood a tower, four-stories high, dotted with a series of square windows. And the canyon ridge curled above these buildings like a massive wave of rock was about to crash over them.”
“When I looked up, Jawbone’s eyes were directly across from me, waiting. Just as a flash of bright light lingers in the retinas, so did those cold grey eyes. I could still see them watching me even as the boots crossed the room and the door closed heavy behind the man I feared most in the world.”
The Veiled Woman
“More ancient than the hills and the rocks and the shape of the horizon. It was as if this figure had been spun from the deep black band of the Milky Way. And for a suspended moment, I was outside of myself, floating in a great void of timelessness, knowing that this sight would haunt me for the rest of my life.”
The Ojo
“Its intricate geometric star pattern kaleidoscoped in a colorful array of reds, blues, oranges and greens. It was small enough to be worn around the neck but our father hung it on his bedroom wall. I had never seen it taken down.”
“For the first time, I really took in her face. The faint red impression the goggles had left around her eyes, the smudges of soot and dirt and grease on her neck. As the red sun carved its way through an open window, it drew a line of light across her eyes. Swimming in the sea-green of her irises, I could see there were small flecks of flickering gold.”
The Crash Site
“The shadow I had seen wavering in the sun was not a shadow at all but a black spiral of smoke twisting from the ground. Something out there, in the middle of this empty wilderness, was on fire.”
The Design
“As the distance between the two of us got smaller, I couldn’t shake the feeling that my question hadn’t been fully answered. If I could picture the Design and flying and swimming and palaces in paradise, why couldn’t I picture other things, other people.”
“We could see her through the doorframe, pulling down pots and pans from unseen shelves. Her movements were slow but precise as she tipped an urn into another urn, took a powder down from somewhere above. Her hands moved across the table in a fluid dance of lifts and pulls, but there was a purpose to every pinch, every stir.”
“I had never approached Gilead from such an odd angle. Though the city was perfectly symmetrical, it now appeared foreign to me, the buildings sharper, the spotless streets unsettlingly stark white amidst the dark brown dust of the valley. It looked bleak. Ominous even.”
“I remember thinking that there was something wrong
with the old man, that he had a condition only familiar to me in history class. Back in the days long before the Code, people used several words to describe them. Insane, lunatic, deranged. We weren’t allowed to use any of those words but “crazy” was secretly my favorite. Owl was crazy, I thought.”
Malachi Code
“You have kept the promise you made to your ideals: that the Code does not exist if it can be altered. That the Code is the only Code.”
I stopped and watched as Cassidy continued to walk ahead of me. If it were Marcus, at some point he would turn around just to see if I was still standing there and, eventually, he would probably walk back to me. But not Cassidy. No, she just kept walking. So I jogged up to her to deliver what I thought would be a devastating remark.
“I don’t get you.”
Samah O'Lo
“But there was one statue whose features were more haunting than the rest. It was the only statue that had its eyes closed and no mouth. In the outstretched palm of the statue was etched the letter W.”
Three E.D.s
The three robots started walking towards me. Marcus and I didn’t say a word, unsure if the E.D.s recognized us. Of course, if we had passed Summons, they would have known everything about us. Before Summons, they could have only known that we were juvenile humans. Still, could they not see us? Could they not speak to us? The closest E.D. stepped up to me and reached down for the cube. Contrary to the obedience I should have shown, I backed away.
The Cow Hut
Cassidy led us through the craggy streets of Red Canyon, down several dusty passageways until we stood in front a stout clay hut. Carved deep into the flat surface above the door was the crude image of a cow skull.

“This will be your home for now,” she said as she threw her weight against the hut’s wooden door. “Welcome to the Cow Hut.”
Sign of the Watcher
“Our father was a Watcher, one of the last human Watchers in the country, or so he told us. I didn’t know anything about it, other than the little information I had pieced together over the years, but apparently our father made sure that the land near our home was kept safe. Safe from what, I had no idea. It didn’t seem like an important job to me. Nothing ever happened in this wasteland. Until now, that is.”
Sign of the Reader
“Of the two Gilead parents, Palmera had always held my greatest respect and admiration. She was a prominent Reader who helped teach and interpret the Code to others. In a world where the robots provided us everything, being a Reader was essentially the only profession that really mattered.”
Sign of the Guardian
"For many years prior to Owen’s birth, a group that called themselves the Guardians had been working to bring about “a code”, one complete algorithm that would process human behavior, both moral and physical, and establish a binary of what was “right” and what was “notRight”."
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The Design

“As the distance between the two of us got smaller, I couldn’t shake the feeling that my question hadn’t been fully answered. If I could picture the Design and flying and swimming and palaces in paradise, why couldn’t I picture other things, other people.”