Journey across a futuristic American West with the first installment of the Drone trilogy...

David Amasa and his brother Marcus live in a utopia where every aspect of human life is run by robots. There exists no crime or hardship. No fear or worry. Humans have learned that freedom is dangerous but a fundamental craving. So, as a perfect compromise, adults are both constantly surveilled and given virtual reality devices called Hollows where they are free to exercise their wildest fantasies and desires, virtually.

David, an obedient student, reveres the algorithmic rule of the "Code" and the balance between the order of reality and the safe freedom of the Hollows. He can barely wait to be "Mapped" and receive his Hollow next year when he becomes and adult. His rebellious younger brother Marcus on the other hand, has no such admiration. Marcus is afraid to lose his brother to constant surveillance and the powerfully addictive Hollows.

One fateful day, while riding out into the desert land near their home, the brothers will discover a mysterious glowing cube that will send them on an adventure that will challenge everything they believed about their world, and about themselves.